How To Take A Still Picture From A Video File

16 Jan

Hello Everyone,

This is Anthony your Techspert reporting from Mexico. I have been taking great still pictures all around Mexico and having fun using them in Windows Live Photo Gallery.  I also have been taking a lot of video and have notice that there are many time that I want to make a still picture out of one of the frames in the video file.  With Windows Live Movie Maker this is no problem.

When you have a video file in your storyboard of Windows Live Movie Maker all you need to do is adjust your timeline to the point of your video that you want to capture as a still.  Once that is set and you see it in your preview screen, click Snapshot in the add section in the ribbon at the top. (As seen above). After you click snapshot you can save the still picture in your Windows Live Photo Gallery.  This will also put the still picture after your video in Windows Live Movie Maker. 

This button was added to the 2011 Windows Live Movie Maker which can be downloaded at

Anthony, Techspert for Holland America Digital Workshop, Powered by Microsoft


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